Solids Extraction

The ™CCE-MultiContactor will handle solids, allowing extraction of valuable comonents with solvents.
Applications using water/steam and solvents including chelation chemicals have been successfully tested.

Oilsands Extraction
PWS developed and operated a pilot plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada backed by major oil companies and the Alberta and Federal Canadian governments to successfully demonstrate cleaning of oilsands bitumen and extraction of pipeline grade bitumen from oil-sand.
The process was evaluated by one of the oil sand producers as having the lowest environmental impact of any alternative.

Oil Spill Cleanup 
The bitumen cleaning and extraction technology successfully separated the bitumen from clay and sand . This process provides a means of recovering oil from spills and slop oil ponds that contain oil emulsified with clay.

Its application for the recovery of oil from spills on beaches, simultaneously cleaning the beach sand appears to be feasible.

The CCE-MultiContactor™ equipment is rugged and simple and could accept a rough feed of sand, oil, seaweed and stones directly on a beach.

PWST is seeking an oil or waste company partner to develop and commercialize this technology