Hog Fuel Desalting ( ™Hogwash Technology)

Hogwash™ was developed to desalt hog fuel (mainly tree bark) that occurs where trees are felled and transported in salt water, as on the West Coast of Canada.

Hogwash™ desalts all types of hog fuel,sawdust and waste wqod to eliminate dioxin fomation and hydrochloric acid corrosion in hog fuelled power boilers, also recovers waste heat, reduce partlculate emissions and reduce the BOD load on effluent treatment plants.

Hogwash™ works virtually un-attended and can handle wide variations in hog fuel type from all kinds of wood bark including stringy cedar bark to sawdust and wood chips without process changes.

Hog containing up to 4% salt has been processed, to produce desalted fuel with <0.05% salt.

Hogwash ™ Patents
US Patent No 6,782,881, Canadian Patent No 2,433.507
“A Method for Cleaning Salt Impregnated Hog Fuel and Other Biomass, and for recovery of Waste Energy”

5m3/hr “Hogwash™” Hog Fuel Desalting Plant
Catalyst Paper Elk Falls Mill, Vancouver Island Canada
Project Funded by Natural Resources Canada and Catalyst Paper
Full Scale Boiler Operations and Emissions Testing supervised by PAPRICAN ( Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada)