CCE-MultiContactor™ Applications

™CCE –MultiContactor Technology can use a variety of solvents to extract fibrous materials, solids, oil, soils and minerals, also it can operate at reduced or elevated pressure.
Solvents can be water, water with additives including chelation agents, organic solvents
PWST has tested a number of applications:

Fibrous- Biomass Feed-stocks

  • Hog Fuel ( Wood Bark) desalting
  • Removal of fertilizer residues from biomass going to bio-refining
  • Removal of CCA ( Copper-chromium- Arsenic) preservatives from Treated Waste Wood

Oil, Soils and Minerals Feed-Stocks

  • Extraction of plutonium from canal soil using chelation solvents.
  • Cleaning of bitumen from oil-sands operations
  • Oil-spill cleanup, slop oil recovery
  • Extraction of metals from mined materials or tailings

Process Intensification
CCE-MultiContactor™ technology can provide several unit operations simultaneously and can become the focus for intensified processes to provide extraction or infusion, heat exchange, gravity separation, vapourization and filtration in a single stage.