PWST is exclusive *worldwide licensee for Counter Current Extraction (CCE) technology in the heavy industrial sector, including biomass , mining, power generation, oil, chemical, and other heavy industrial applications.
*Except Australia

™CCE-MultiContactor™ Technology 
Counter-Current Extraction (CCE) technology was originally developed in Australia to gently extract juice from fruit using diffusion extraction. It is used by Ocean Spray in the USA to produce cranberry products and also in Australia and several other countries in fruit joiuce extraction applications. .

PWST identified the unique capabilities of the CCE to simultaneously provide several unit operations including extraction,heat exchange, filtration, vapourization, and to operate at reduced and elevated pressures.
To illustrate these capabilities the term ™CCE-MultiContactor™ is used in Heavy Industrial applications’

It has unique features, are described in the paper given at the World Conference of Chemical Engineering 

PULSATION is a key factor in obtaining high performance!

The ™CCE-MultiContactor Technology is deceptively simple but provides very high mass and heat transfer performance
The equipment consists of an inclined trough or tube, with a rotor driven from one end.
The rotor has slots that allow fluid to pass through. The rotor shaft turns both ways, setting up pulsations within the bed of solid and oncoming solvent.

Solid feedstock enters the bottom end of the ™CCE-MultiContactor  and is propelled in a pulsating action gently up the casing against a flow of fluid solvent that enters the unit at its top end and flows downward under gravity.
Extracted solids are discharged at the top and solvent carrying extracted matter from the bottom end.
The equipment works with very low shear, and feedstocks typically pass through the unit with solubles being extracted without damage.

  • Diffusion extraction of soluble matter
  • Works also as an infuser
  • Surface washing of solubles
  • Gentle very low shear action
  • Pulsating extraction gives ultra-high mass transfer
  • Simple set up and operation
  • Simultaneous mass transfer, heat exchange, filtration, gravity separation
  • Can operate under reduced or elevated pressure

PWST have developed applications for the ™CCE-MultiContactor technology in the biomass, pulp and paper, mining, oilsands,nuclear and waste oil recovery sectors.

Process Intensification applications are possible as the ™CCE-MultiContactor simultaneously provides high efficiency pulsating Diffusion Extraction*Surface Washing* Filtration*Heat Exchange*Gravity Separation